Our Company

If you are a manufacturer, retailer or distributor then you know that warranty claims are inevitable. How those warranty claims are handled and the cost and speed in which they are performed affect relationships, future sales and ultimately the bottom line.

That’s where UTS comes in.

UTS is a national post-sales field service provider that has been serving the building material industry since 1997.

While we specialize in door and window inspections, minor repairs, major repairs and complete unit installations; our workflow processes, office staff and field technicians are capable of servicing just about any product that requires field service.

If you have a question on whether we service a certain product category, product type or if we could fulfill a specific requirement, contact us today.

The UTS coverage area is the entire United States and most of Canada.  For some of our clients, our “every square inch” coverage makes servicing their extensive geographies simple.  For other clients, the extensive coverage has allowed them to grow their sales into previously unreached areas simply because they now have a service solution for after the sale.

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